MarginProbe for the Elimination of Extra Surgery

Women with breast cancer go through a great deal. And the last thing that they want to do after they’ve already had the tumor removed during a surgery is to undergo followup surgery to remove residual cancer cells. Now, Dune Medical Devices is trying to revolutionize this process. The device they have created is already used by surgeons in more than 100 hospitals in the US and Israel.

What typically happens when a woman undergoes a lumpectomy is that the cancerous tissues are sent to a lab to make sure that the margins are clean. But if they aren’t clean, as happens about 25% of the time, then women have to return for a secondary surgery.

Now, as Gal Aharonowitz, the general manager in charge of Israeli operations for MarginProbe explains,

“We have developed the only technology in the world that has a commercial product that allows surgeons in operating rooms, in real time, to check the margins of the tumor, identify cancerous tissue and decide on the spot if more tissue needs to be removed or not.”

They have found that MarginProbe reduces the need for re-excision by 51% if it is being used for the initial procedure. It has shown a drop of as much as 80% for a repeat surgery. The Wall Street Journal estimated recently that re-excisions for lumpectomy procedures cost from $9000-$16,000. This probe costs approximately $1000 in the US.

Learn more about this product and how Israeli technology is paving the way for a better way of life for so many.