Israel Hosts Huge Cyber Technology Conference

When it comes to getting Israel positive publicity, the most recent 4th annual Cyber Security Conference could certainly add to the PR efforts.  So for individuals such as Daniel Taub – a past Israeli Ambassador to the UK – such news of the second largest conference and exhibition of worldwide cyber technologies would likely be welcome.

In attendance at the three-day event (held between January 30 and February 1) were representatives from the entrepreneurial world, executives from cyber firms, and investors who made up the audience to receive global speakers in cyber security and other industry-related matters. At the exhibition were more than 250 firms and 100 start-ups which presented cutting-edge problem-solving methods to potential threats faced by a large variety of industries.

The event hosted hundreds of individuals from outside of Israel.  This gave Israel exposure, attendees an opportunity to present their latest cyber technological innovations, and everyone the chance to benefit from the innovative conference and exhibition.

The event was opened by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who previously launched the country’s National Cyber Authority which is 100% committed to cyberwarfare. Other key speakers came from top firms including: Checkpoint, Cisco, HP, IBM and Matrix.