Sea Israel & The Jerusalem Zoo

Whether you’re a tourist in Israel or you live here, enjoying the Jerusalem Zoo is an experience for everyone. And soon that experience will be enhanced even further with the Window on the Mediterranean by the Sea Israel: The Gottesman Aquarium. This new conservation center and attraction will educate and raise awareness about Israel’s aquatic habitats. There will be a focus on the seas of Israel.

The construction has already begun for this new center and the opening is scheduled for 2016/17. As Dr. Yehoshua Shkedi, the Chief Scientist of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority said,
“A successful and attractive aquarium that will draw many visitors will be the most effective tool to promote aquatic conservation and education in Israel.”

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo was originally established in 1940 as a small children’s zoo. From 1950 until 1991 the zoo was in Givat Komuna near Romema. In 1991 the zoo closed to begin the process of moving to the new location, and it was reopened in 1993. Today there are 250 dunams of land and is a beautiful place for children and adults to enjoy animals of all sorts.