Joy Ventures Venturing into Neuro Wellness Field

A new investment firm, Joy Ventures, recently opened their offices in Herzliya Pituach, Israel. The company will be an incubator, nurturing the development of start-up companies and will also invest in research projects. Joy was launched by the Israeli-Japanese Corundum Open Innovation Fund with $50 million dedicated to the first phase of its operations.

Joy Ventures will work with startups, tech incubators for entrepreneurs, and grants for academic research in the new and exciting field of Neuro Wellness. Neuro Wellness is a field which will influence the development of new consumer products and technologies based on research in neuroscience.

Heading up the company is Avi Yaron, a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of Visionsense and invented a cutting-edge tool for the complex brain surgery.

“Many years of being involved in the development of brain surgery technologies, made me realize the human need for joyful and relaxed moments and how critical they are for our health. Many neuro researches show that the modern life intensity contributes to prolonged hostile emotions of sadness, anger, anxiety, guilt and more. These emotions, in turn, generate stress and collect a heavy toll from our health. Originally developed to make things easier for human beings, technology actually intensifies the tension we live in. For this reason we decided to invest in neuro wellness by leveraging the large body of research and neuro developments in Israel. We plan to promote the development of scientifically-proven consumer products which are based on neuro science to alleviate stress, promote calmness and happiness and enhance people’s well-being in the long term,” said Yaron.