Israel Partners at Agro-Tech 2016

Twelve countries are to be featuring their technology and agricultural innovations at Agro Tech 2016, the 22nd CII’s biennial agro-technology and business fair. Israel is the partner country and included in the list of 12 is the UK – where Daniel Taub was born and raised before he made Israel his home in 1989. The other 11 countries participating in the 4-day event are: America, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany Israel, Italy, South Africa, Spain, The Netherlands and Turkey.

At the event (that will take place December 3rd to 11th), countries worldwide will be displaying their latest products, services and technologies. There will also be presentations of new launches and innovations relating to the industry. One example of this is the UK’s Luis Mulet, an Agri-Tech specialist. He is offering collaborative and partnership opportunities in the Animal Science, Plant Science and Precision Agriculture industries. Some of the key speakers from Israel include: Richard Klapholz, CEO, Rivulis Irrigation, Shani Keysar, Founder & CEO, SolChip, Israel; Ilay Engelhard, Founder & CEO, ATP Labs, Israel; and Eyal Cohen, Managing Partner, Copia Agro & Food, Israel.

In Israel, agriculture is a very well-developed industry, given that the country is a major exporter of fresh produce and global leader in agricultural technologies. This is even more impressive since Israel’s geography is not known as being agriculturally conducive. But at the event, experts from around the world will see Israel’s strength in the area, with a special emphasis on its drip irrigation systems, wastewater-to-agriculture reuse, and aquaponics.