Innovative Trachea Device from Israel

Israel is known around the world for the medical devices that it creates, and the latest one follows in this model. Guide In Medical has recently raised 2 million shekel ($529,000) for a life-saving trachea device. This non-invasive device is placed on the patient’s neck and it transmits light into the tissues to light the inside of the throat. The medical team can then locate the trachea much easier using a video laryngoscope and can more easily insert the tube during the intubation.

The device is for single use and they estimate that each one will cost about $35 per unit. As Ariel Shrem, the co-founder and CEO of Guide In Medical explained,

“The advantages of the device are in the simplicity of use and the ability to quickly and safely identify the trachea even in complicated situations. In the coming years, this device will be in use in every ambulance, operating room, and battalion aid station.”

At the moment, they are working on getting the EU approval, which they believe they will have by March 2017. They hope to have the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration by the end of 2017.

Interestingly, the technology was developed as part of Hebrew University’s bio-design entrepreneurship program, with the cooperation of the Hadassah Medical Center.

So far, since Guide In Medical started, they have received close to NIS 3 million from NGT3 and the office of the Chief Scientist at Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Industry.