Innovation Visa Being Introduced

In a fascinating move, the Israel Innovation Authority has announced the introduction of an Innovation Visa. The visa is open to applicants around the world so that they can access the support initiatives that have been, until now, only available to resident entrepreneurs.

The visa holders would have the following benefits, among others:

1. Successful founders will have a “support entity” to provide guidance and other values such as introductions to venture capitalists, industry players and more.

2. The visa holders will also be able to apply to the early stage startup Tnufa program.

3. They can also extend out their visa in the event that they want to stay more permanently in Israel after the visa has elapsed.

As Anya Eldan, the Head of the Startup Division described to Geektime, the program will be a way for startups to “develop their businesses with the advice of some of the countries best innovators while also giving foreign entrepreneurs the chance to give back to the enterprises accommodating them.”