CES Innovation Award

The CES Innovation Award in the category of fitness, sports and biotech product just went to 2Breathe Technologies, the sleep inducer smart device and mobile app designed by Israelis. Developed to assist users fall asleep (while tracking their sleeping patterns), the patented technology emerged out of RESPeRATE, the company’s very first product which still today remains the only FDA-approved device. It is also the only device recommended by the American Heart Association that can bring down blood pressure just by breathing. Today, over 250,000 people around the world use the device that Dr. Benny Gavish invented.

Users found that RESPeRATE helped enhance sleep so Gavish – together with his son Erez who is now company CEO – used the same technology to help those who have sleep issues. On receiving the award Erez said:

“It’s a huge honor to win this award and validates the importance of health and sleep for the tech industry. At the conference, the response to 2breathe was overwhelming. When the folks setting up the exhibit and waiters are asking you to save them a sample before the show begins, you know you’re on to something big.”

The CES Innovation Awards each year recognize “outstanding design and engineering” in new consumer technology products. It is the largest trade show in the world, for consumer technology. It is also America’s largest annual trade show.

The way the 2Breathe app works – that retails at $180 – is by strapping a small sensor around the body with an elastic band and then pressure is detected on the sensor as one inhales and exhales. That data is then relayed to a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. Given that around 164 million Americans struggle with sleep issues at least once a week, there is clearly a huge market for such a device.