Israeli App Gets $9 Million in Capital

Zeekit, a fashion tech startup in Israel, has just announced the close of their Series A Funding round. They will now be imbued with $9 million in new capital. The company was co-founded in 2013 by Yael Vizel, Alon Kristal and Nir Appleboim and allows users to “try on” clothing items before buying them. With their app, they use image processing technology to layer the image of the clothes over the user’s body.

The user uploads a picture of themselves and their measurements, and the app then uses those as it places the clothes on their bodies. Vizel, interestingly enough, has explained to the press that she based her creation of Zeekit off of her experience as a captain in the Air Force in Israel. She came up with the idea while using technology that turned 2D landscape images of the ground into 3D images for aircraft. The three founders are graduates of Israel’s Technion University.

Zeekit plans to reach out to retailers and others so that they can have a button on their websites where visitors can then see themselves in the clothing for sale.