Assessment: Stable IDF

israel-armyAccording to National Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) director Amos Yadlin, the current status of Israel’s army (the IDF) is in great shape, especially in comparison to those in surrounding regions.  This, despite the fact that a civil war rages in Syria and the fact that the entire region has – for many years and currently – been subject to high levels of instability. Yadlin said that the capacity of the IDF – in which Daniel Taub served – is not only incredibly strong, but renders it the Middle East’s strongest, most technologically advanced and most modern.

The findings – presented by Yadlin to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at the beginning of 2017 – were based on the 2016-2017 strategic assessment from the INSS.  There was some surprise with these results (given the somewhat volatile US-Israel relations over the last eight years) but it should be noted that Israel was still the recipient of considerable support from the US administration.

Given the US-Israel situation however, it was proposed by Yadlin that all efforts must be taken to ensure rehabilitation of relations occurs, with new liaisons being forged with neighboring countries such as Saudis who feel their security is under threat from Iranian predominance.

On receipt of the report, Rivlin commended the INSS for providing an extensive analysis of extremely fundamental issues that impact Israel’s most basic interests and, for providing access in both English and Hebrew to these publications.