Aharon Aharon Running Israel’s Innovation Authority

Aharon Aharon was hired by Apple in the Israeli tech scene in 2011. He was hired to open a semiconductor development center in Israel. Now, he will be leaving Apple in the coming months to run Israel’s “Innovation Authority” which was previously the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Economy Ministry. They are in charge of the nation’s innovation policies and they work to promote the country’s technological ecosystem.

Aharon holds two degrees from the Technion and he started his career at IBM and then moved into the private sector. He was previously at Zoran Corporation and Seabridge. He also helped to establish two startups that were sold in exit deals. And, of course, he was instrumental in starting Apple’s Israel activities.

As Avi Hasson, Israel’s Chief Scientist and chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority said,

“Israel sees innovation as a valuable resource.” He explained that Aharon’s appointment is “testimony to the importance Israel gives the issue,” by appointing someone with “such great experience and ability, who can take innovation a step further.”

Aharon said in a statement,

“I give great importance to empowering the partnership of the government with the industry and aim to put the organization that I will lead at the service of the industry.”